Ox Core

Ox Core

An experimental framework for FiveM. Limited support and breaking changes guaranteed.


This resource does not have a stable (v1.0) release; breaking changes are likely.
Documentation may not be kept updated in some cases.


We strongly recommend referring to Guides for setting up Git, Node.js, and pnpm.

Install all resource dependencies.

Download a release (opens in a new tab) or build the source code.

git clone https://github.com/overextended/ox_core.git
cd ox_core/web
pnpm i
pnpm build

Install optional dependencies.

These resources aren't required but provide additional functionality.

(Optional) Configure pefcl

If using it with ox_inventory, open pefcl/config.json and enable framework integration.

"frameworkIntegration": {
  "enabled": true,
  "resource": "ox_inventory",
  "syncInitialBankBalance": false

Importing into resources


Lua imports can be defined as part of fxmanifest, or loaded with the load function.

client_scripts {
server_scripts {


To use ox_core with your JS/TS resources you'll need to use our npm package, allowing you to import core functions with full type and intellisense support.


Resource configuration is handled using convars (opens in a new tab).

# Players must have a valid identifier to join the server. Used to fetch userid from the database.
set ox:primaryIdentifier "fivem"
# Set the number of active characters a user can have registered.
setr ox:characterSlots 5
# Enables debug and development features. Should only be used in a development environment.
setr ox:debug 0
# Disable death system handle by core.
setr ox:deathSystem 0
# Disable the spawn selection.
setr ox:spawnSelect 0