A Lua implementation of cron, allowing tasks to be scheduled to run periodically at fixed times, dates, and intervals.

Cron expression

A string containing five values separated by white spaces, representing a set of times to execute a task.

FieldValid values
Day of month1-31
Month1-12 or jan-dec
Day of week1-7 or sun-sat

Note: Day of the week is set to match and starts at 1, unlike the cron-standard which starts at 0.

* Wildcards

Represents all values, e.g. * * * * * will run every minute, or * * * * 1 will run every minute on Sunday.

, Lists

Commas can be used to create a list of values, e.g. * * * * sun,mon,tue will run every minute on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

- Ranges

Dashes define a range of values, e.g. 10-30 * * * * will start running the task at the 10th minute, and every minute until the 30th minute.

/ Steps

Slashes can be used for step values, e.g. * */4 * * * will run every 4 hours and is shorthand for * 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * *.


Creates a new cronjob (opens in a new tab), scheduling a task to run at fixed times or intervals., job, options)
  • expression: string
    • A cron expression such as * * * * * representing minute, hour, day, month, and day of the week
  • job: fun(task: OxTask, date: osdate)
  • options?: table
    • debug?: boolean


  • task: OxTask