Ox Target

Ox Target

A performant and flexible standalone targeting resource or "third-eye", with additional functionality for ox_inventory, ox_core, qb-core, and es_extended.


We strongly recommend referring to Guides for setting up Git, Node.js, and pnpm.

Install all resource dependencies

Download a release (opens in a new tab) or clone the source code.

git clone https://github.com/overextended/ox_target.git


Resource configuration is handled using convars (opens in a new tab).

# Toggle targeting when pressing the hotkey, instead of holding it down.
setr ox_target:toggleHotkey 0
# Change the key to enable targeting (https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/input-mapper-parameter-ids/keyboard)
setr ox_target:defaultHotkey LMENU
# Draw a sprite (circle) at the centroid of a zone.
setr ox_target:drawSprite 1
# Enable built-in targeting options, e.g. toggling vehicle doors.
setr ox_target:defaults 1
# Enable debugging / testing options, entity outlines, and a raycast indicator.
setr ox_target:debug 0
# Enable / Disable leftclick to select options
setr ox_target:leftClick 1

Supported Frameworks

These aren't necessary to run ox_target, but they will add additional features.