Common Issues

Common Issues

UI has not been built

Because the UI for inventory is written in React it can't run natively under FiveM so it must first be bundled into html/css/js.

We provide an easy way for you to do this by downloading a pre-bundled release, which you can get from here (opens in a new tab).
Make sure you download the file as that one contains the bundled files and others are raw source code.

If in case you wanted to edit the inventory UI you would have to build these files yourself.
To do so please read our Installation guide.

No such export * in resource ox_inventory

There are several likely causes for this "issue".

  • An error occurred while starting ox_inventory or one of its dependencies (e.g. ox_lib).
  • The resource trying to use the export (e.g. esx_addoninventory) is being started before ox_inventory.
  • You're literally trying to call an export that does not exist, which is a you issue.

Stashes / trunks are not saved at server restart

Stopping a server or "restarting" it does not trigger any events or allow for saving.

  • Inventories are saved at a 5 minute interval.
  • txAdmin scheduled restarts and shutdowns will trigger a save.
  • The saveinv command can be used manually or triggered in the console.
  • All inventories are saved when the number of online players hits 0.