Door Settings

Door Settings


  • Door name
    • Used to easily identify the door.
  • Passcode
    • Door can be unlocked by anybody by using the code or phrase.
  • Autolock interval
    • Door will be locked after x seconds.
  • Interact distance
    • Door can only be used when within x metres.
  • Door rate
    • Door movement speed for sliding/garage/automatic doors, or swinging doors when locked.
  • Locked
    • Sets the door as locked by default.
  • Double
    • Door is a set of two doors, controlled together.
  • Automatic
    • Sliding/garage/automatic door.
  • Lockpick
    • Door can be lockpicked when interacting with a targeting resource.
  • Hide UI
    • No indicators (i.e. icon, text) will display on the door.
  • Hold Open
    • Holds the door open while unlocked.


  • Character Id
    • Character identifier used by a framework (i.e. player.charid, xPlayer.identifier, Player.CitizenId).


  • Group
    • Framework dependent, referring to jobs, gangs, etc.
  • Grade
    • The minimum grade to allow access for the group (0 to allow all).


  • Item
    • Name of the item.
  • Metadata type
    • Requires metadata support (i.e. ox_inventory) to check slot.metadata.type.
  • Remove on use
    • Removes the item after interacting with the door.


  • Difficulty
    • Sets the skillcheck difficulty (see docs).
  • Area size
    • Custom difficulty area size in degrees.
  • Speed multiplier
    • Custom difficulty idicator speed multipier.


  • Lock sound
    • Sound to play on door lock.
  • Unlock sound
    • Sound to play on door unlock.

Note: Sounds are stored in the ./web/public/sounds directory.