Ox Inventory

Ox Inventory

A slot-based inventory with item metadata for "item uniqueness".


If you are replacing a built-in framework inventory there will be compatibility errors.
If you are unwilling or incapable of resolving incompatibilities, do not install this resource.


We strongly recommend referring to Guides for setting up Git, Node.js, and pnpm.

Install all resource dependencies

Download a release (opens in a new tab) or build the source code.

git clone https://github.com/overextended/ox_inventory.git
cd ox_inventory/web
pnpm i
pnpm build

Install optional dependencies

These resources aren't required but provide additional functionality.

Resource start order

It's important for your resources to start in a logical order to prevent errors from missing dependencies.

start oxmysql   # this should be one of the first resources
start ox_lib
start framework # the name of your framework (i.e. ox_core, es_extended, qb-core)
start ox_target
start ox_inventory


Resource configuration is handled using convars (opens in a new tab).

### Shared
# Activate specific event handlers and functions (supported: ox, esx, qb, nd)
setr inventory:framework "esx"
# Number of slots for player inventories
setr inventory:slots 50
# Maximum carry capacity for players, in grams (frameworks may override this)
setr inventory:weight 30000
# Integrated support for qtarget/ox_target stashes, shops, etc
# Note: qtarget is deprecated, a future update may drop support (ox_target only, or gated features)
setr inventory:target false
# Jobs with access to police armoury, evidence lockers, etc
setr inventory:police ["police", "sheriff"]
### Client
# The URL to load item images from
setr inventory:imagepath "nui://ox_inventory/web/images"
# Weapons will reload after reaching 0 ammo
setr inventory:autoreload false
# Blur the screen while accessing the inventory
setr inventory:screenblur true
# Default hotkeys to access primary and secondary inventories, and hotbar
setr inventory:keys ["F2", "K", "TAB"]
# Enable control action when inventory is open
setr inventory:enablekeys [249]
# Weapons must be aimed before shooting
setr inventory:aimedfiring false
# Show a list of all nearby players when giving items
setr inventory:giveplayerlist false
# Toggle weapon draw/holster animations
setr inventory:weaponanims true
# Toggle item notifications (add/remove)
setr inventory:itemnotify true
# Toggle weapon item notifications (equip/holster)
setr inventory:weaponnotify true
# Disable drop markers and spawn a prop instead
setr inventory:dropprops true
# Set the default model used for drop props
setr inventory:dropmodel "prop_med_bag_01b"
# Disarm the player if an unexpected weapon is in use (i.e. did not use the weapon item)
setr inventory:weaponmismatch true
# Ignore weapon mismatch checks for the given weapon type (e.g. ['WEAPON_SHOVEL', 'WEAPON_HANDCUFFS'])
setr inventory:ignoreweapons []
# Suppress weapon and ammo pickups
setr inventory:suppresspickups 1
### Server
# Compare current version to latest release on GitHub
set inventory:versioncheck true
# Stashes will be wiped after remaining unchanged for the given time
set inventory:clearstashes "6 MONTH"
# Discord webhook url, used for imageurl metadata content moderation (image embeds)
set inventory:webhook ""
# Logging via ox_lib (0: Disable, 1: Standard, 2: Include AddItem/RemoveItem, and all shop purchases)
set inventory:loglevel 1
# Item prices fluctuate in shops
set inventory:randomprices true
# Loot will randomly generate inside unowned vehicles and dumpsters
set inventory:randomloot true
# Minimum job grade to remove items from evidence lockers
set inventory:evidencegrade 2
# Trim whitespace from vehicle plates when checking owned vehicles
setr inventory:trimplate true
# Set the contents of randomly generated inventories
# [item name, minimum, maximum, loot chance]
set inventory:vehicleloot [
    ["cola", 1, 1],
    ["water", 1, 1],
    ["garbage", 1, 2, 50],
    ["panties", 1, 1, 5],
    ["money", 1, 50],
    ["money", 200, 400, 5],
    ["bandage", 1, 1]
set inventory:dumpsterloot [
    ["mustard", 1, 1],
    ["garbage", 1, 3],
    ["money", 1, 10],
    ["burger", 1, 1]
# Set items to sync with framework accounts
set inventory:accounts ["money"]

Framework incompatibilities

  • Any frameworks with their own built-in inventory, item, or weapon systems are expected to have compatibility issues.
  • Money as an item may conflict with banking/account systems.

Refer to issue #1297 (opens in a new tab) for known compatibility issues.

Using an unsupported framework

If your framework does not have official support you'll have to implement it yourself.
If you're replacing an existing/built-in inventory system this may be complicated, but is a fairly simple task otherwise.

This setup is highly opinionated and rigid, so it's up to your own ability as a developer to make it work.

Setup a bridge submodule

You'll want to set the target framework first - this could be the name, an acronym, or just "custom".

setr inventory:framework "custom"

Copy the ox directory from the bridge (opens in a new tab) directory and give it the name you used above.

The bare minimum functions and event handlers are added here, but you'll need to change them to match your framework; we can't provide any help here. You can refer to the other framework bridges if you need inspiration.

Setup database references

Take a look at the mysql (opens in a new tab) module. You'll need to reference your player/vehicle tables and id columns.

elseif shared.framework == 'custom' then
    playerTable = 'characters' -- table storing player / character data
    playerColumn = 'charid'    -- primary key for identifying the character (i.e. identifier, citizenid, id)
    vehicleTable = 'vehicles'  -- table storing owned vehicle data
    vehicleColumn = 'id'       -- primary key for identifying the vehicle (i.e. plate, vin, id)


  • You will need a compatible version of ESX Legacy (opens in a new tab) (1.6.0 or higher).
  • You can convert player inventories with convertinventory esx.
  • All items in the database will be migrated to the internal item data.
    • Always restart the resource when items are migrated!


Support for QBCore is extremely limited, highly incompatible, and unlikely to improve.
  • You can use any "version" of qb-core that supports QBCore.Functions.AddPlayerMethod.
  • You can convert player and vehicle inventories with convertinventory qb.
  • All QB.Shared.Items will be migrated to the internal item data.
    • Always restart the resource when items are migrated!

Qbox Project

Qbox is a fork of QBCore developed by former team members and contributors to QBCore.

  • Improved security and performance of qb resources.
  • Integrated support for ox_inventory, with improved compatibility.
  • Support for ox_lib and ox_target.