Common Issues

Common Issues

Unable to establish a connection

This is usually the result of incorrect database settings or your password containing reserved characters.
; , / ? : @ & = + $ # are reserved.

Ensure you have entered the correct database settings in the mysql_connection_string convar. You can try using the semicolon-separated format if your password contains reserved characters.

No such export ... in resource oxmysql

  • Download the latest release build (not the source code) of oxmysql.
  • Ensure it is starting before any resources that require it.

Numbers treated as string

To resolve this issue simply enable decimalNumbers in your connection string, ie. mysql://root@localhost/essentialmode?decimalNumbers=true.


JavaScript treats all numbers as floats, so a double or decimal value will be cast as a float with this setting. Numbers will have less precision when this setting is enabled.